About Us

Research in Clinical and Toxicological Analyses to contribute to the advancement of science and the population’s welfare.

The Graduate Program in Clinical and Toxicological Analyses (PPGACT) aims to:

  • Train graduate students in Clinical and Toxicological Analysis to be competent, active, innovative and committed to professional ethics and social responsibility.
  • Foster the development of in-depth knowledge derived from scientific and technological research in the relevant areas of the Program.
  • Prepare top quality scientific researchers and highly skilled individuals for teaching at Higher Education Institutions.

To achieve these goals, the PPGACT is committed to the following guidelines:

  1. Provide students with a solid theoretical background in Clinical and Toxicological Analyses;
  2. Provide students with specific, up-to-date and high-quality training within the research area;
  3. Introduce students to the world of academic research, developing their methodological, experimentative and critical thinking;
  4. Conduct academic research through joint efforts between students and faculty and, occasionally, outside collaborators;
  5. Train qualified personnel at Master’s and Doctorate levels to teach at higher education institutions.


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