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Graduate Program in Medicines and Pharmaceutical Assistance

Scope: Research, teaching and extension in the area of Medicines and Pharmaceutical Assistance with the aim of contributing to the advance of science and the population’s well-being.

Goals: The Graduate Program in Medicines and Pharmaceutical Assistance (PPGMAF) aims to:

  • Train current graduate students, with principal field of study in Medicines and Pharmaceutical Assistance, to be competent, active and innovative, as well as committed to professional and social responsibility ethics.
  • Facilitate the development of deeper knowledge as a result of scientific and technological investigations in the Program’s areas of activity.
  • Train high quality researchers and highly proficient lecturing staff to work in Institutions of Higher Education.

To reach these goals, the PPGMAF has employed the following guidelines:

a. Provide students with a solid theoretical foundation in Medicines and Pharmaceutical Assistance;

b. Provide students with specific, up-to-date, quality training within their chosen lines of research;

c. Introduce students to the world of academic research in the above-mentioned area, developing their methodological, pioneering and critical spirit;

d. Carry out academic research in tandem with students, professors and, eventually, external collaborators;

e. Train people with master’s and doctorate level qualifications to perform lecturing activities at third level.

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