About Us

This Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences (PPGCF) was created in 1996 at UFMG’sSchool of Pharmacy and has since offered both Master’s and Doctorate degrees. The PPGCF was the first graduate program in Pharmaceutical Sciences established in the state of Minas Gerais.

PPGCF promotes the scientific production and professional education in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The goal of the PPGCF program is to create and disseminate knowledge in Pharmaceutical Sciences. It is aimed at graduate students and focuses on qualifying and certifying professionals, both technically and scientifically, for teaching, research, and other related professional activities. With this formative objective in mind, the PPGCF offers programs at both Master’s degree and Doctorate levels. The Master’s degree program aims to further the student’s technical and academic knowledge, as well as to enable the development of skills set suited to do research in a specific field. The Doctorate program proposes to foster the student’s abilities to develop original and independent scientific research in a specific field, with sufficient creativity and self-analysis.

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